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The establishment is currently closed for maternity leave.


Treat your body and mind with relax and choose from our offered massages.

About Us

Our massage establishment was opened on 15th October 2011 and it is seated on Kukučínová street no. 5 in Piešťany. We would like to offer you several massage methods with an individual approach, by which we try to ensure perfect relaxation and the best recovery of our clients. Our intention is to achieve that our Clients leave us with in good spirit, relaxed and maybe a little healthier. The massage is suitable not only for athletes but for all who have physically or psychologically demanding work, sedentary occupation or are often exposed to stress, which is present everywhere in hectic life nowadays.

So if you want to reward your body for its day to day readiness, relax it or to gather a new strength and stimulate it, we look forward to your visit.

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