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Classical Massage

The most commonly used massage, which by various massage techniques congests the skin and subcutis, relaxes muscles, removes tension and stress, bringing relief to the whole organism. It is applied to different parts of the body. If you have a sedentary job, the back and neck massage brings you a great relief, if on the other hand you stand at work for a long time, the massage of the legs can help you enormously.

Classical massage is indicated primarily for muscular and skeletal diseases (rheumatic, degenerative, incorrect body posture, deformation of back etc.), post-traumatic and postoperative conditions, muscle fatigue, prolonged immobility, and decreased muscle movement. In addition to a wide range of regenerating effects of a body, the classical massage also provides relaxing effects, relieves from headaches, tension, and stress and brings overall relaxation. If you have not enjoyed any massage yet, we recommend you to try this type first.

Price: 45 minutes 23€
90 minutes 45€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Medical

It is a very pleasant massage, during which therapeutic effect can be achieved through acting on the lymphatic system. Special techniques-touches are used by the actual massage, which help to improve the lymph flow in body and thereby improve elimination of the waste and fatigue substances from the body and reduce oedemas (swellings). Lymphatic drainage massage will be appreciated especially by those patients who suffer due to the various illnesses from liquid accumulation in upper or lower limb (or both) followed by swelling, causing their partial or total malfunction.

Price: 40 minutes 23€
If recommended by a physician 20€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Relaxation

In our establishment we offer the relaxation lymphatic drainage massage as a gentle and slow massage of the whole body with the strong soothing and relaxing effect that helps the detoxification. It is especially popular with women, who are dealing with extra pressure, whether at work or on maternity leave. Not they can only relax during this massage, but also do something positive for their body.
Clients leave us refreshed after this massage, with a feeling of lightness and “charged batteries".

Price: 90 minutes 40€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Cosmetic

Cosmetic lymphatic drainage massage is again mainly for women. It is a facial massage with gentle and slow special touches, which remove swellings, reduce bags under eyes, and improve blood circulation and skin elasticity of your face and low neck. Face is smoothed out after the massage, it has an amazing and relaxing effect and some clients often fall asleep. If you want to relieve the stress, the business and do something for your beauty, this is definitely something for you.

Price: 40 minutes 20€